ClimACT Matching Platform

Transition to low carbon solutions without initial investment.

ClimACT Matching Platform is a platform for promoting Energy Performance Contracts - energy efficiency contracts in which the installed equipment is paid using the savings achieved.

Our Projects

ClimACT Matching Platform powered projects


My Project

Achieved Savings: 30%

Initial Investment: 20000 €


The Other Project

Achieved Savings:150%

Initial Investment: 20000 €


The Big Project

Achieved Savings: 150%

Initial Investment: 20000 €

The ClimACT project aims to support the transition to a low carbon economy in schools through four lines of action:

Development of decision support tools that will allow schools to increase their energy efficiency through intelligent resource management strategies, renewable energy and behavior change;

Development of business models and new energy management strategies for schools;

Development of educational tools to raise awareness in low-carbon;

Creating a thematic network/living lab in the SUDOE region (South West Europe) to promote awareness and training.

This platform was funded by the Interreg SUDOE program under the ClimACT project

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